Kemery Blair Yeakel- Should She pay up?

When a business partner files a law suit against all of her partners, all of the companies they own and economically drains their company resources and each of them individually is this good business?  Is it good character? Is there anyway to justify the behavior? Could they have chosen a more professional way to deal with the situation? What do you think they do or say that justifies the behavior? How would you feel if your business partner filed a law suit against you and sought revenge “just because”… and you know it was “just because” because you offered them their money back when the company could pay it, how would you feel.


The above is exactly what happened to numerous business partners of Kemery & Jamie Blair Yeakel.  These two sued everyone and looked for every possible way to get money.

They sued the real estate company for insurance money, stole both money and property from partners.  They went to great lengths to get other people involved in the law suit, to their financial detriment and to this duo’s gain.

The primary source of income for these two was finagling a judicial system to pay them instead of  going on welfare they used attorney’s and unethical strategies to get hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Should these two feel a moral obligation to pay the partners they stole money, property, hopes & dreams from?

Let me know your thoughts!


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