Kemery Blair Yeakel is now a lover of “Countrymen”… See for yourself.

I’ve pasted below her most recent post from her website.  Here you can see she is a real “giver”  …. The same person who posted the the photo of a decorated Military Woman on FB calling her a FRAUD and talking about her and her service in numerous disrespectful ways….. Read the below article… see for yourself.



In this world, everyone deserves to live an abundant, joyful, satisfying and normal way of life. As a result of the economic crisis in the society, many people suffer various problems and unfavorable situations in their daily life. This must be given a careful attention because it may influence the future of the children who will soon be leaders in the community. Luckily, there are still few individuals who have the willingness to aid the needs of the poor people in a certain society. One of these noblest people is Kemery Blair-Yeakel.

Kemery Blair-Yeakel is one of the names of the most influential and great women leaders in today’s generation. She pursue her career in the real estate industry. Brought about by her extreme love and concern for her fellowmen, she successfully earned the respect and love of her fellowmen. She is not just a versatile entrepreneur, she is also a woman who has a big and humble heart for her countrymen. She is never selfish when it comes in helping others, she is always ready to assist them even if costs her something.

Kemery does not wants her countrymen to suffer unfavorable condition for a long period of time, this is why she is doing her best efforts to stop their sufferings for a while. With this, the heart of Kemery Blair-Yeakel was awaken and had a strong urge to do something about it. Armed with her belief and strong passion in reducing the uncertainties in the lives of others, she has now making valuable efforts to support her purpose. Kemery is satisfied and contented in making others smile, thus she always want to leave them in a good condition having a strong purpose and inspiration in their daily lives. What makes her an extraordinary person over the others is that she has a strong patience and is consistent in performing her best efforts to support her fellow men. She has undying love and concern for all mankind. With her many years of experience in the community service industry, many people salute her because of her excellent work as well as with amazing and good character traits. Her great leadership abilities serves as her powerful tool to influence others in a better and professional way.

Kemery Blair-Yeakel has a strong belief in helping the poor people that surrounds her. For her, making an effort to reduce the burden of others is a way to achieve her true purpose here on earth.She does not care whether there someone is watching over her or not, she just remain true to herself.


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