Kemery Blair Yeakel Cheated Partners

When will she mail the check? When will she own up to the properties she stole from her partners?  A couple from the midwest got caught up in Kemery’s scheme of “litigation” and lost their life savings.  You see Kemery filed law suits against multiple business partners, multiple companies and former partners.  Kemery Blair Yeakel never sued the couple who trusted her to purchase their investments and partner back with her, she just stole the properties out from under them, took their nearly 50K,&  100% of the property, when they were to own 33% by operating agreement.

Because they couldn’t afford to “fight back”, they lost it all to her.

Kemery & Jamie Blair Yeakel got away with taking their properties, never offering to pay them.

The worst part of this is this couple owned the properties to begin with.  Kemery Blair Yeakel wanted to own more properties herself and couldn’t afford to so they sold her a percentage of theirs Kemery didn’t put any money down.  Oh! Kemery said that she made the downpayment (she didn’t show that the partners gave her the money, convenient to leave that out).

We are committed to telling their story and our own too.

Kemery Blair Yeakel  lost all the properties in foreclosure, caused every partner to lose their investments and then blamed them, the real estate companies and others.  Anything and anyone not to take responsibility.

She has a way of playing the victim really well, watch for it, you’ll see it!

We just want to know if she intends to send them a check for their down payment, the loss rental income…. Kemery Blair Yeakel kept the rental income form 3 single family homes and failed to keep the mortgage payments current, losing the properties to foreclosure.

So Kemery when will you send them a check?  You seem to pretend to everyone that you are a “crusader” so instead of just steeling for yourself how about giving your partners back what you stole from them?

I look forward to the day she pays these people back! We can hope, can’t we?



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